Review and/or Spotlight Request

Psst....Come here....listen to this....

If you are an author or friends with an author listen up, 
I would love, and I mean L-O-V-E, love to help you out.
Being the voracious reader I am, I would be
up a creek without authors.
So, I am offering to spotlight you, as an author
for $0.
That's right....N-O mulah.

Why do you ask?
Because I love to be able to help authors, 
because you have helped me so many times in the past
and you had no idea you were helping.
So, as my way of saying "THANK YOU!!"
I will spotlight you, your new release, 
or maybe you have a cover reveal coming up, 
or even just trying to get the word out. 
I will help you out.
Just contact me, and we will work out all the details.
Either me or one of my review team
will review your book.
How does that sound? 
Well, then contact me.....