About Me

Hey There!

I'm Cassie and I absolutely live and breathe books!
I mean literally.
I have over a thousand books on my kindle, plus....oh, a few hundred or so in print. 
I was raised with being taught the magical worlds that I could travel too
all by the simple act of picking up a book. 

I've traveled through portals, ridden horseback with Princes,
frolicked through the fields with the fairies, 
fought beside a witch in battle, 
been chased down a back alley by a Vampire, 
flown through space to numerous Planets that we have yet to discover, 
interacted with different species,
found love in the oddest of places, 
and lost people that I came to love so deeply.

I've been able to do all of this, while still making dinner for my family
and taking care of the housework. 
That is the beautiful thing about books, they go everywhere with you.
So, I decided, why not start a blog where I can share all 
of the wondrous books that I read with you?
There is no reason why I shouldn't. 
So here we are!
We are at my blog, where I'm sharing with the world all of the different
worlds that awesome authors have created. 
From time to time, I may just share an author and their work with you, 
without my opinion, and that's okay too. 
I want the world to get to know these awesome authors as well. 
So the question is....are you going to join me on the journey?