Thursday, June 11, 2015

Author Spotlight ~ Laura Daleo


Laura Daleo was born and raised in San Diego, California where she majored in Fine Arts at Mesa College. She is best known for her love of animals and shares her home with five humorous Basset Hounds, Edie, Lucy, Stuart, Morgan, and Dexter, her toughest critics. Laura has held positions in several industries, Restaurant, Telecom, Biotech, Research, and Retail. Throughout Laura's professional career, she crafted her writing skills by taking courses and by joining a writer's critique group and Writers Digest. She enjoys anything paranormal or urban fantasy related, and writes in both genres for adults.


What made you want to write? 

A passion inside me to tell stories.

What genre(s) do you write in and why? 

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy. I love creating vampire or supernatural characters and dropping them into a modern day setting.

What was the first book you ever wrote, no matter how young you were? 

In seventh grade, I wrote The Murder.

What is your favorite out of all of your books, published or not? 

The Vampire Within

And what makes this your favorite? A certain scene, character, plot? 

The main character struggles to understand what’s happening to him and his determination to find the answer.

What is your daily routine when it comes to your writing?
 Unfortunately, Monday – Friday, I’m at my day job so I fit writing in a little bit here and there. The majority of my writing is on the weekends.

What is something that you struggle with when it comes to writing? 

It’s so much easier to tell a story rather than show a story, but we’ve all heard the phrase show don’t tell. Sometimes I do struggle with showing.

What is your favorite thing about writing? 

Creating characters and entering their worlds.

Where do you get your ideas for writing?

I have a very active imagination. Ideas are constantly popping into my head. I can’t turn it off.

Who is your author inspiration and why? 

Anne Rice. In my opinion, she is the “Queen” of vampire story telling. No one has even come close to her vampire Lestat character. I want to be the next Anne Rice.

What is your favorite book of all time and why? 

Interview with a Vampire. It was such a different take on the vampire ledged and it started off with a great hook that kept me turning pages until the end.

Where do you see your writing career in 5 years? 

I hope to be a bestselling author, with a large fan base anxiously awaiting each release.

Some of Laura's works:

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4.9 STAR Rating!!

Currently working on the sequel to Immortal Kiss, Bound By Blood.

These are unpublished works that I have in my queue to revive and modernize: 

The Vampire Within (2004)
A City of Vampires (2007)
The Soul Collector (2010)

Future works for creation are: 

The Ten
The Old Ones
Vampire Amon

Anything else you want to share with us?

I’m also an animal advocate. I have 5 basset hounds and 1 bird at home. They are my furry kids.

Where You Can Find Laura

I'm so glad that I was able to speak with Laura. I currently have a copy of Immortal Kiss to review, and am looking forward to reading it soon. Be on the watch for that post coming soon!!!