Friday, June 19, 2015

Author Spotlight~Meg Collett


Meg Collett lives deep in the hills of Tennessee
where the cell phone service is a blessing 
and the Internet is a myth of epic proportions. 
She is the mother of one giant horse named Elle
and three dogs named Wylla, Mandy, and Drax the Destroyer.
Her husband is a saint for putting up with her ragtag life.


What made you want to write?

I started writing my first semester in college. I was homesick and lonely, and I just needed to get those feelings out of me. So I started writing in an old Chemistry composition notebook.

What genre(s) do you write in and why?
I mainly write NA paranormal and fantasy. I love creating a new world and a new set of rules for people to live by. It’s limitless, really. I love letting my imagination have free rein.

What was the first book you ever wrote, no matter how young you were?

I wrote some when I was little, but I can’t remember any of it! When I really started writing in college, I started the first book in my angel paranormal romance series. It took me six years to write, but I didn’t give up on it.

What is your favorite out of all of your books, published or not?

The Hunted One (Book 1, End of Days)

And what makes this your favorite? 

It was the first book I ever wrote, and it took me six years to finish it. I basically grew up with these characters, so this book is super close to my heart.

What is your daily routine when it comes to your writing?

My daily routine is all over the place! I find that with every new book I write, I have to discover an entirely new way to write that book. Sometimes I can write in the morning. Sometimes I have drink coffee, check email, watch a Real Housewives show, and then write. It’s tough to figure that out but once you have it, you can write anything.

What is something that you struggle with when it comes to writing?

It’s hard to not get burnt out. Being creative every day is very demanding, and sometimes when you’re on deadline, you have to force the creativity. It can be very draining.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

Seeing my first draft complete. That’s the best feeling.

Where do you get your ideas for writing?

My ideas normally grow from a little snippet of something I read or hear in a song. I love hearing old stories or folklore. Most of my stories grow from some old myth or something like that.

Who is your author inspiration and why?
I have so many! But I really look up to Hugh Howey. I love his work ethic and his indie spirit when it comes to publishing the stories that speak to him.

What is your favorite book of all time?

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I love this book so much because it’s this wonderful fairytale/nightmare mix of a water horse myth retelling. I’ve ridden horses my whole life, so this book just felt familiar to me.

Where do you see your writing career in 5 years?

I hope to still be publishing and writing stories that I love!

A list of works:

End of Days Trilogy

- The Hunted One
- The Lost One
- The Only One

Days of New Series (spin-off from the End of Days series)

Speaking of the Devil
Full of the Devil
Better the Devil You Know
Devil in the Details
Give the Devil His Due

Stand Alone Books

Fakers (a contemporary romance)
Little Girls and Their Ponies (a literary novella)