Monday, June 15, 2015

Release~Milan's Return by Grae Lily

Milan's Return
by Grae Lily
Release June 15, 2015


He'd thought he said goodbye to what was taken away from him,
then, a desperate phone call,
threatening everything that his family worked so hard to obtain,
sent him right back to the place that ripped his heart into shreds.
Forced to face his past,
Milan finds himself at the center of yet another nightmare
and staring into the hauntingly beautiful face of a woman
who could save him from himself.
Can he withstand another round of uncertainty and find all that he never knew he needed?

**Intro price for the book will be 99 cents from June 15th until June 21st, then, it will go up to $2.99. The book will be exclusive to Amazon and available for free with Kindle Unlimited.


"Five years had done nothing to erase the memories of the life he hoped to never return to again. Surrounded by the detritus of years gone by, he could do nothing but wish it all away, but not all wishes come true, especially for someone like Milan Merced.

It was winter the last time he'd made a wish and, yet, he still found himself back in this dreadful, small town, standing in front of the structure he'd hoped would have fallen like the leaves at the turn of a season. Looming just beyond the rusty, iron fence, it stood, staring back at him, probably thinking of him what he thought of it. Why are you still here? Why haven't you been destroyed yet?


Grae Lily is a pen name for Ava Mallory, a prolific writer, who pens in many genres and sub-genres, including Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Southern Gothic Romance, Erotic Romance, Thrillers, and Cozy Mysteries. All of Grae's titles are available for free with Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. When not writing, you can find her perusing the bookshelves at bookstores across the globe or dreaming up the next story, dying to be told.

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