Thursday, May 21, 2015

An Author Donating Proceeds To A Great Project!!

I found out something wonderful today! 

Author Blue Remy is doing a very special thing. She is donating all the proceeds from purchases of her book, Twisted Asphalt, to the Wounded Warrior Project!

Remy writes her novels with personal experiences she has gone through and with the struggles of everyday life. Her books cross genres and grip both male and female fans due to the combination of gritty MC realism and romance. Remy is an active supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

It's because of this support of the WWP, that purchases of Twisted Asphalt from now until Memorial Day, Remy will be sending all of her proceeds as a donation to the WWP! I think this is completely awesome of her to do this! So anyone who like romance, MC, or just wants to help and support the WWP needs to head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy, and even gift one to someone else while you are there.

Twisted Asphalt
Price: $2.99
Page Length: 280 Pages
Published: Ardent Books, and imprint of Assent Publishing (March 19, 2015)
Rated: 4.7 STARS!


What would one man do to protect his daughter from the fate of his lifestyle choices? Would he go so far as to be a patched member of an outlaw motorcycles club, and enlist the help of the ATF to bring down the very club he's spent his whole life in?

Undercover ATF Agent Sam Dean made it his mission to take down the James Family, leaders of the notorious Six-gun Outlaw Motorcycle Club until Amy "Amethyst" James, the club president's daughter, enters his life. Erotic sparks fly, complicating things for the man who is afraid of losing himself to the familial environment provided by his leather clad, Harley riding brothers.

The lone figure sat in the interrogation room, glazed eyes staring bleakly at the Styrofoam cup in fron of him. What the hell am I doing? the thought kept running through his mind, a sigh bursting past a frown.

In a world of violence, tattoos, outlaws and high sexual tension, can mace expose the traitor, take down the club and convince the woman that the only lie he gave her was his name, before he walks away?

How awesome is that?!?! Okay folks, this is really a no-brainer. You go to Amazon, purchase this amazing book, AND your helping a great program! There's really nothing to think about. The WWP helps thousands of wounded Veterans and their families! Don't you want to be a part of that? I do! I have already picked up my copy of Twisted Asphalt and helped donate my purchase price of only $2.99 to helping a wounded Veteran, a Veteran that was hurt fighting for the rights for me to even be able to read this book. That's worth WAY more than $2.99! Go get your copy today : Twisted Asphalt