Friday, May 15, 2015

Review of Blue Moon: The Ring of Mer (Seer's Of The Moon Book 2) by Geraldine Allie

* I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review *

This is the second book of the series and it was just about as good as the first. There is a big battle brewing and you can feel it throughout the book. Finding the seers and their guardians is the main tasks at the moment, but we are getting to the battle. I think once we get there, things will heat up very quickly! As you can tell from the author bio down below, Mrs. Allie is a busy lady and will be slinging books out left and right. We will be able to continue this series soon. This book lagged a bit for me so it did not get a 5 star rating. I give this book a SOLID 4 STARS!!

Book Synopsis on Amazon:

In a time when myths and legends are thought to be fairy tales, a young woman is thrown into a world of ancient legends and prophecy. Cora's own life is in danger. From the sea a young man of mystery and lore will be born. He is of a land deep below the waves, a world of power connected to the ring she wears; The Ring of Mer. He is a protector, a guardian, linked to the same destiny as Cora. But a danger lurks in the darkness, one of ancient evil from when the prophecy was formed, and it will stop at nothing to possess the ting, and end Cora's life. When Sean takes on the responsibility of protecting her, will Cora be able to allow him into her heart and trust him? Their survival will depend on it, for this mystery of the sea may be her very destiny; for the prophecy requires that Sean and Cora form a bond that is as unbreakable as those that came before them. But if they cannot form this bond, then it may be more than their lives at stake, but of everyone in the world...
For the prophecy requires them both to become the next Seer and Guardian of The Blue Moon.

Now on Audiobook.

Author Bio from Amazon:

Geraldine Allie lives in Kansas. She has lived by the sea in the Golden state, but prefers the serenity of the golden wheat plains. She has currently finished the second book of the Seers of the Moon series, Blue Moon: The Ring of Mer (Now on Audiobook). Geraldine has titles ranging in different genres, as well as age groups. Her first book in the Seers of the Moon series, Hunters Moon: The Fae Medallion released on audiobook in December 2013, and narrated/produces by actor Alex Hyde-White (Punch Audio). 


Books to be released later this year (2015):

Wolf Moon: Wolves Honor (Book 3 of the Seers of the Moon Series)
Vengeful Moon (Book 2 of Werewolves and Shifters Series)
Bride of the Kodiak (Book 2 of Bear Shifters Series)
Ice Moon: Forged by Dragons (Book 4 of Seers of the Moon Series)

And for 2016 releases:

Wake of the Sleeping King: The Sword of Arthur (Book 5 of Seers of the Moon Series)
Sisters of the Claw (Book 3 of the Bear Shifters Series)
Moon of Destiny (Book 3 of Werewolves and Shifters)
Dragon Worlds (Book 1 Prequel of Seers of the Moon Series)

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