Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review of Hunters Moon, The Fae Medallion: Book 1 In The Seer's Of The Moon Series by Geraldine Allie

* I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review *

I am a huge lover of audiobooks and of fantasy so I was excited to get the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for a review. This book was a little different than I am used to but not in a bad way, just different. The story was original for the most part. I actually thought the whole story was until the smallest mention of Merlin. Not that this book is another "Arthur" book, because it's not AT ALL. But there is a relation there. Besides that, beautifully written original story. This definitely is an audiobook that you need to either sit down with the purpose of listening to, or listen while driving. It is a story that you need to pay attention too, but it deserves your attention and you will not regret giving it. I'm off to listen to book 2 now, but please pick up some format of this story and get started on the series! It is well worth your time and money. As you will see from the author bio down below, Geraldine Allie is a busy, busy bee! Check out all the books she is working on popping out for us! This one is definitely a SOLID 5 STARS!!

Book Synopsis on Amazon:

To this day, it is said that the descendants of the Fae left behind still wait for the return of the Seer’s and guardians....

Victoria will come up against the biggest threat of her life to fulfill a prophecy; and find the one that history has destined her to be with, a Fae Prince who never expected to be made a prisoner by vampires.

Now Victoria and the Prince must find a way to connect the bond between them before the people of the Fae are lost, and Victoria and the Prince lose their soul to the darkness.

Modern/ Historical Arthurian Fantasy Series
There are four more books to come in this series that will take you back into a land of Arthurian legend where a final climatic battle unlike any other will take place.

Book One: Hunters Moon: The Fae Medallion
Book Two: Blue Moon: The Ring Of Mer (Now available)
Book Three: Wolf Moon: Wolves Honor (Winter 2015)
Book Four: Ice Moon: Forged By Dragons (TBA)
Book Five: Wake Of The Sleeping King: The Sword Of Arthur (TBA)

Author Bio from Amazon:

Geraldine Allie lives in Kansas. She has lived by the sea in the Golden state, but prefers the serenity of the golden wheat plains. She has currently finished the second book of the Seers of the Moon series, Blue Moon: The Ring of Mer (Now on Audiobook). Geraldine has titles ranging in different genres, as well as age groups. Her first book in the Seers of the Moon series, Hunters Moon: The Fae Medallion released on audiobook in December 2013, and narrated/produces by actor Alex Hyde-White (Punch Audio). 


Books to be released later this year (2015):

Wolf Moon: Wolves Honor (Book 3 of the Seers of the Moon Series)
Vengeful Moon (Book 2 of Werewolves and Shifters Series)
Bride of the Kodiak (Book 2 of Bear Shifters Series)
Ice Moon: Forged by Dragons (Book 4 of Seers of the Moon Series)

And for 2016 releases:

Wake of the Sleeping King: The Sword of Arthur (Book 5 of Seers of the Moon Series)
Sisters of the Claw (Book 3 of the Bear Shifters Series)
Moon of Destiny (Book 3 of Werewolves and Shifters)
Dragon Worlds (Book 1 Prequel of Seers of the Moon Series)

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