Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review of The Homecoming Masquerade (Girls Wearing Black: Book One) by Spencer Baum

I bought both the book and then the audio upgrade since I love audiobooks. From the beginning, I was hooked on this book. This is not your typical high school book nor your typical vampire book. It has a new twist on both of them and boy did it work! This book has a bit of everything: vampires, coming of age, spy network, Washington DC power plays, a tiny bit if romance sprinkled in, high school jealousies, and the top 10%. It is a well rounded book that touches on so many different directions while at the same time weaving them all together so you don't get lost. It's very well done, and the narrator was very good as well. I recommend this book. I cannot wait to continue this series!! Another 5 STAR BOOK!!

Book Synopsis from Amazon:

In a posh suburb of the nation's capital, at the most exclusive high school in the world, the vampires who secretly run the government have created a game for America's daughters of privilege. Show up to Homecoming in a black dress and you have entered yourself in a contest where the winner becomes a vampire, and the loser becomes the winner's first victim.

Only the wealthiest, most connected students can hope to win, so when new girl Nicky Bloom wears a black dress to Homecoming, everyone assumes she has a death wish. They don't know that Nicky has her own agenda. As the dance continues into the night, they will find out that Nicky Bloom is far more than she seems.

Author Bio from Amazon:

Spencer Baum is the author of 7 novels, including the bestselling Girls Wearing Black series. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife and three children.

His web site is

His email is  He would love to hear from you!

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