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Layla Stevens was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but has since moved to Pensacola, Florida. She has a very large family an they were all shocked when she told them that she was going to be writing her first book! It shouldn't have been a surprise though because she has loved to read since childhood. Reading has always been a means of escape; Layla has been a princess, a warrior, or just explored magical worlds. She hopes to pass on her love of reading to you.

Layla has been blessed with a little girl, Sage, and she is the light of her life. Sage does not like her nickname, Olga, but she deals with it. What makes this even more special, is that Layla did not give birth to Sage, but she chose to be her mother. That is a very magical thing in itself.

Layla feels like she is one of the luckiest gals around due to the great friends that always have her back! She has a Fantastic Four, her true loves, and they will not be named because there is no need; they know exactly who they are. <3

Being a very independent, opinionated woman, Layla feels comfortable about speaking her own mind without running it through the filters first! It gets her in trouble, pretty much every stinking day but she doesn't mind. She just keeps marching to her own drum, doing her own thing. But, even though she has her own beat she dances too, she has a huge heart. Layla will help anyone with anything, out of the goodness of her heart.

Since Layla has started writing, she has learned a lot about herself that she never thought possible. Loving every minute of it, she can't wait to keep learning. Speaking of writing, let's look at a couple of books that she has out.

The Broken Series: Broken Love & Forever Bound (Book 1) and Damaged Love (Book 2)

     ****Please Note: This is an adult book with adult situations.**** 

                                         ****Not for children!****

Broken Love & Forever Bound
Page Length: 269 Pages
Published September 10, 2014


Kayla Ashby is bound by her terrifying past, but what haunts her most is her dreams. Can Kayla's dreams be real? In her dreams, she can fulfill all her erotic desires; she has no boundaries, and can be anyone or anything she wants. She often finds herself with erotic clothing and using a whip and handcuffs.

Kayla has a problem in real life dealing with her demons but at night, while she is sleeping she is no longer the scared little girl she once was. Are her dreams telling her who she really is? And can she break away from her fears to become that person or will she be forever bound by her past?

Her heart is bound to another. She has loved him from the very beginning, but is she worthy of him and his love? Is it possible to overcome all those thoughts and dreams that hold her back and move on? Can Kayla overcome her abandonment issues and discover what it is like to truly love?

Garrett Winters hold his feelings close to his heart. Keeping his true feelings deep inside, hidden from those who surround him, including the one who he wants nothing more than to capture. Lovers come and go, but no one else comes close to doing what they do for each other their bond is immeasurable.

Will fate bring him to his true love or will he forever be bound to finding his heart? When they cross paths again, can their love overcome or will they both be forever, Broken?

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Damaged Love
Page Length: 165 Pages
Published April 28, 2015
Price: $2.99 to buy, FREE on Kindle Unlimited


All Kayla has ever wanted is to feel loved. She has lived her life with the Stantons, feeling scared and unwanted. She has always wondered about her birth parents. How could they have given her up? Should she search for them? If she found them, would she be able to forgive them?

Senator Seth Stanton's image portrayed his love for his family. He has the perfect life--a loving wife, twin sons, and an adopted daughter. What more could he ask for? His life isn't what it seems, and soon what should have stayed behind closed doors comes bursting through. His family is falling apart, and it's all his fault.

With the help of Dr. Patrice Doyle, Kayla has managed to cope with her demons. Dr. Doyle knows she has her work cut out for her, and she can see there is something special about this young lady who was once so broken. Can Dr. Doyle help convince Kayla she is more than damaged goods?

With suicide, weddings, and new discoveries in the picture, will Kayla be able to heal? Or will she be forever damaged?

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My thoughts??

Wow! Those sound amazing don't they?!? I know that I have already picked up my copies and am going to be diving into them soon! Go check them out and see what you think.

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