Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pre-Order Stain (My Soul to Wake) by Tara Oakes

Stain (My Soul to Wake) by Tara Oakes
Pre-Order Sale for Only $0.99 through May 24, 2015
Goes up to the regular price of $2.99 on May 25th!

This awesome book is available for pre-order only through midnight on May 24, 2015! It has a gorgeous cover, a great author, and an intriguing synopsis. You need to get this book for this cheap price while you can, if you wait then it will be $2.99!


True Love.

These are the things of legend. Unexplained, some even say impossible, but nonetheless
prevalent in stories and tales from all cultures and in every land from the beginning of time. 
What is there is something to it?
What if there is an explanation behind the mysteries and bedtime stories?
Something beyond words?


She was taken from him in the cruelest way...condemned, sentenced and punished out of fear of the unknown. 
How is he supposed to live without her?
How can he go on knowing that in this life, but the natural order of things, they will never be together?
There's only one thing to do...
only one option that will bring them together again.


Amelia is taken on a weekend excursion with her best girlfriends to let loose, 
relax and have a little fun.
What harm is there in a little vacation?
It's not like the legends, the haunted history of the place can scare them away. 
It's all harmless fun.

Or so she thought...

Something seems familiar about the town. The trees, the winds, the feel of everything.
Her ever present nightmares have become more intense within the limits of the old historical setting.
She's prepared to write off the whole trip as nothing more than a case of her mind running away with the sensationalized magic here. 
When she meets a handsome stranger who's eager to know her in a way no one else can, she begins to think there may be something more to this place, something more to him. 

Will has been waiting, biding his time, and praying that she'll come back.
He's broken the natural order of things to possibly find her again, weaving their way through the years until they can be together again.
He knows that he may never find her, but he can't risk not trying.
This place calls to her, just as it did to him. It will bring her back home.
It will bring her back to him.

What's 300 years when it comes to true love? 
He's prepared to wait an eternity if he has to, just to see her, hold her, kiss her again.
To make her remember what was stolen from them so long ago.
To make her remember who she is, the power she possesses and the love they swore to each other.

Wow! I told you the synopsis sounded intriguing! It makes me impatient to get my copy downloaded to my kindle on the 25th! And these teasers! OMG THEY ARE HOT! So have you gone and pre-ordered your copy yet? You should have! In case you need it, here's the link: Amazon Link  Now go one-click this baby! 

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Stain (My Soul to Wake) releases on Memorial Day
May 25, 2015!!