Friday, July 3, 2015

Release~Gods of Anthem by Logan Keys!


by Logan Keys

Now Live!
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Oceans apart, a young musician and a “special” soldier embark on a perilous journey for home fueled by the unyielding pursuit of freedom from the Authority.
Sixteen-year-old prodigy, Liza Randusky, waits imprisoned, blamed for the undead plague that’s slowly destroying the planet. Banished to an island where she’ll never play her beloved piano again, Liza’s steadfast sense of justice and passion for music may have the power to change her destiny. But will it be enough... To strike back at the new world order, the troubled son of a preacher, Thomas Ripley-Hatter, suffers unspeakable alterations by the Underground to join a secret Army. Tommy knows that all hope lies in human-weapons like himself, and that somehow he must cling to his sanity…while letting loose the monster to win. The battle begins for the last-standing sliver of humanity: Anthem.


Gods of Anthem has already become an Amazon Best Seller in the US & UK!
Check out what some people are saying about Gods of Anthem:
"Dark and angst-filled and simply stunning in every way." Nic's Novel Idea
"Have you ever come across a book that crawls inside your soul from page one and obliterates your heart by the end? This book did that to me and so much more." The Book Curmudgeon
"Holy hell in a hand basket, it was amazing!" Undeniably Addicted to Books
"Mystery, passion, and a revolution!" Author Yessi Smith
"If you enjoyed books such as "The Hunger Games," "Divergent," and "The Forest of Hands and Teeth," you'll enjoy this novel." Author & YA Librarian Amanda McCrohan
"That climax! That ending! I need the next book now!" Author of Best Selling YA series Laura Thalassa


I was extremely lucky to get an advance copy of this book and boy was I thrilled! I devoured this book as quickly as I could, even though I wanted to slow down and savour it, I couldn't!! This is an awesome book!!! Science fiction + futuristic + post-apocalyptic =FREAKING WOW!!!! I loved every single aspect of this fast paced, extremely detailed, very imaginative world that Logan Keys created. This book rocks from cover to cover and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on book 2!! Absolutely 5 STARS!