Sunday, July 26, 2015

Review~Voices & Whispers by R.E. Rowe

I was given the opportunity to read both of these books recently. I wasn't sure what to expect from books with a reincarnation twist to it. Though I was skeptical, I was very happy that I had this opportunity! What follows is each book and it's summary, as well as my thoughts on each one. Before you go pick up Voices (which is free), you need to go ahead and buy Whispers (only $0.99) while you're there. Voices does end on a cliffhanger, but Whispers picks up immediately afterwards though, so there's no time get to just continue on in this great journey! Here we go....

Reincarnation Book 1
by R.E. Rowe


In a small town in Arkansas, two lives that seemingly have nothing in common will converge and change each other forever. A brilliant but tormented street artist and an ex-track star whose career was cut short by a heart condition. 

Aimee DeLuca had a promising athletic career before her heart gave out during a high school track and field contest. Aimee struggles to find her was after spending time with a deceased grandmother during a near death experience. Reizo Rush is a street artist whose torment fuels his desire to add color to the gray walls of the city. But Reizo's tagging and the two voices only he hears land him in perpetual trouble with both his teachers and the law. 

During a chance encounter, the two quickly find out they have much more in common than love. When they stumble upon a century-old storm cellar hidden underground on Aimee's uncle's ranch, they unearth a cellar full of artifacts and a hundred-year-old Will. Once the news of the discovery leaks out, a drug-dealing teen and a mysterious soul names General are determined to bury the truth along with anyone who gets in their way. 


The story of Ames and Reiz is one that was beautiful, heart breaking, upsetting, and loving all at the same time. So much happened in this book that I cannot say very much without giving spoilers, which is something that I do not do while writing reviews. I do suggest that you stick with the story, as the first bit is a little slow. If you will stick with it, then you will get a story unlike any that I have ever read. This is an AWESOME story that you will not be disappointed in reading!! 

Reincarnation Book 2
by R.E. Rowe


In this paranormal thriller sequel to Voices, the war to create a prefect reincarnation system begins. 

General believes the existing system is already perfect: to know "joy" every soul must experience "suffering". But a rogue soul named Carmina believes the system is outdated and flawed. She is determined to prove that joy can exist without suffering. 

When Carmina and her team of reincarnated teenagers hack the system to change its outdated rules, Reizo is recruited to stop them. But Reizo could care less about rules or any ridiculous system until a mysterious soul named General leaves him no choice. 

Follow Carmina, Reizo and Aimee in their extraordinary journey to make the reincarnation system perfect. 


WOW! Talk about some action!! Whispers was packed full of it! We pick up in Whispers right where we left off in Voices. Here we get to go on a journey along with some old friends, and also meet some new ones. It's an amazing journey too! I found a few grammatical and spelling errors in this book, but nothing that messes up the flow of the book. You seriously need to check this book out!!